Inner Dawg

Updated: May 28, 2020

Everyone has their own goals, everyone has something that they are striving for, no doubt about it. But in this world there is a definitive difference between doing something to be good at it, and doing something to be great at it. Whether that is in athletics, whether that is in school, it don't matter at the end of the day. For me, it was finding the inner dawg that I always had inside of me. That is what sets me apart from the next man. I learned through both my success and my failures that I literally have a beast inside of me that is motivating me to strive for greatness in anything that I do. Every move made is with the intention to be the best to do it. and the best to EVER do it. That is the drive and self-motivation that I need everyday that makes my wheels turn. That is my inner dawg. The inner dawg is something that I believe everyone has deep inside of them. The voice inside of your head that shouts "YOU CAN DO IT". When no one else believes in you, when no one is counting on you, your inner dawg is there. Your inner dawg is giving you the confidence and mental strength you need to push forward. You just gotta remember, you can do that shit, and do it to the fullest with that inner dawg mentality. Anything is attainable at the end of the day, its just all about how you go about motivating yourself to go and do it. Next time you're second guessing yourself, and whether you CAN or CANT do something, just know that your inner dawg is dying to tell you that you CAN do it.


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