Staying Organic

Shoutout to the influencers. Shoutout to the content creators. Shoutout to the leaders of the generation. All of whom have help shape the opinions and actions of the average person. Often times, our opinions are not our own organic thoughts. Our perceptions and beliefs are shaped by someone or something else. These entities take away from our individualism and self-image because of their powerful influence. It's important to make actions based upon what you believe, not based on what someone else believes. It takes courage to be different from the crowd. It takes courage to be yourself, but it is so important for us to do so when seeking our optimal happiness and self-identity. Following along with something Travis Scott said, just because Travis Scott said it is NOT how we should formulate our actions. That is just making you a part of a crowd, not an individual. Don't do something because it is a part of a trend or deemed "cool". Do what you organically want to do. Speak and act upon what organically comes into your brain. That is who you are. Otherwise you've turned yourself into just another sheep following the herd. These social norms are only social norms because people of influence claim it's how life should be. If that norm does not align with your personal code, or what you truly believe, don't conform. Be yourself. As I always say "do you". Living your own organic life is much better than living a lifestyle someone else has already created. That may work for them, but they are not you. We are human, so I think we are born comparing ourselves to others, and looking at the way other people live their lives. Here's the problem with that; they do not think the same way you do, and they did not experience the same things you have, so why would you ever try to shape your life around how they live theirs? That is not organic. Taking inspiration from others, and being a follower are two completely different things. Take influence from those you love, don't copy them. Be a leader. Lead your mind in the direction you want it to go.

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