Channeling Energy

2020 has been quite the year thus far. When I reflect upon this year a few things come to mind. This has been a year of growth, a year of turmoil, and more than anything, a year of negative energy. I always say life is what you make it, and I believe that our energy is contagious. Our energy is so powerful, it has the power to influence everyone around us. Understanding how to face a negative experience and channel that into positive energy makes a vast difference in our lives and mental health. Specifically, I'm speaking on all of the hatred that has been spread throughout the year. Starting from the President and figures of authority, trickling down to the everyday civilian, hatred and negative energy has been spread like wildfire. It's not easy to turn our negative emotions into something positive, but I believe it is an absolute necessity for us to live peacefully. I have made a conscience effort to face this negativity and consistently channel it into something positive and productive. I do this not only for my sake, but to protect the energy of others those around me as well. When you walk into a room you can feel the energy, whether it's good or bad, it's definitely present. When one receives negative energy from one entity, a police brutality video for example, it is likely that one is to hold on to that negative energy and channel it into other parts of their life. Whether that is severing a relationship with a loved one, disrespecting a coworker, sending out a hateful tweet, the list goes on and on. We're human, it happens. It is important to first recognize where the negative energy is coming from, reflect upon it, digest it, and attempt to turn that negative into something positive. To allow negativity to corrupt your mind without recognition and correction is like being drunk off Hennessy, you never really know what you'll do next. This negative energy only grows and spreads amongst those you're around creating a circle of negativity aiming in all directions. We as people need to take time to recognize the negative energy, face it head on, and turn it into something positive. I pray for everyone to find that positive light, to let that light brighten up their day, and spread. I challenge you to evaluate your day, evaluate your actions, and pick out where your energy has come from. Whether that was negative, or positive, reflect on what has been fueling your emotions and energy.

With love,


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