Expecting More

Look in the mirror and demand more from yourself. The thought that "I haven't done enough" is a thought we all have had at some point or another. Being happy with an outcome, but not necessarily satisfied. I believe that feeling is in all of us. Reflect on your actions over the past 30 days and have this conversation with yourself. Ask yourself; "What did I contribute to the world?" "Was I putting negative, or positive energy on to those around me?" "What could I have done better?" "What can I improve upon moving forward?" Those simple questions can go a long way in the development of ones self. Not only asking those questions, but being honest with yourself and acting upon what you want to be changed in your life. Don't point fingers at outside sources that are supposedly hindering you from achieving what you desire. The finger needs to be pointed at the person in the mirror. I am a very observant person. I strongly observe the actions of others as well as my own. Through these observations, I realized that our greatest teacher is that person in the mirror. Not a professor, a book, or a famous inspirational speaker. Those sources hold great value and can teach us many things, but nonetheless, the greatest teacher in life is yourself going through the highs and lows of life. Taking negative experiences and learning from them. Taking positive experiences and building upon them. We all have so much potential to be great, but often times we lie to ourselves or cloud our judgement with bullshit. Be honest with yourself, be real with yourself, stay close to the people that love you, and boss up. PEACE.

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