Don't Be in a Box

Updated: May 28, 2020

Its been a while, but I feel motivated more so now than ever to chase everything that I have ever dreamed of. Reflecting on experiences through high school, and college, it seems like over and over again, it is a societal expectation to be categorized by one title. "I wanna be a lawyer" or "I wanna be a doctor". Im not saying theres anything wrong with that, but I believe there's so much more for a human being to accomplish and indulge in during their time on this earth. I simply would not be content with myself if I were to go about my life catagorizing myself in that way. Of course I'm striving for a career, as are millions of other young adults in the United States, but never will I put myself in a box. From the words of GLC, "the only limitations you'll ever have are those that you placed upon yourself". That was a quote I heard on the outdo of Kendrick Lamar's "Poe mans Dreams". That quote has stuck with me ever since. I am striving for greatness in my life. Not for a concrete ending. If my goal in life was to make a million dollars, I would no longer have anything to strive for after obtaining that million. That goes for any goal that is physically attainable. But im striving to be the greatest human ever, that is where I am setting the bar for myself because that always leaves room for growth and improvement. I can never attain a physical measurement of greatness. That is what has kept my motor so high in my short 21 years of life. My goal is to be greater than everyone before me, and only I will be able to answer that question for myself when Its my time to go. But like I said earlier, you cannot put yourself in a box because that is only placing limitations upon yourself. The human mind is capable of achieving anything, you just have to be open-minded enough to strive for it. I've got a lot of big things coming soon... I can promise you that. ONE LOVE.

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