Closed Mouths Don't Get Fed

Updated: May 28, 2020

I'm a 21 year old young adult. I can feel myself coming into my own. Not settling, or getting content, really I haven't scratched the surface of the things that I am striving to accomplish. Lately I have been analyzing my peers and I can see people all around me either taking steps to advance their life financially, mentally, and spiritually, or taking steps to decline in those areas. I've taken notes and lessons from nearly everyone around me whether that has been good or bad. But one major thing that I have learned is the importance of speaking up for yourself and putting yourself out there. I guess the comfort of being a college student has sheltered me to an extent, where I haven't had to get out of my comfort zone much to this point, but lately something has came over me and helped me understand that the world really is yours, it's just on your shoulders whether you want to capture it or not. People say that corny shit all of the time, but I'm really finding this to be true. I'm learning that I am my greatest competition, and I am my worst enemy as well. I am the only one who can stop me from achieving my goals. No other man or woman. Just me. So living the way that I live, and thinking the way that I think, I'm going to continue to hustle, and chase after the things that I want to accomplish. Feeling motivated.

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